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Hebraic Connection


Creating jewelry has been a passion of mine for many years, and my jewelry making workshop at the Festival of Sukkot each year is always a big hit.

Being approached by some of the local ladies at Hallel Fellowship, I was asked to create a feminine way to wear Tzitzit or Sanctification reminders.  While not true to traditional form, much trial and error led to Tzitzit Bling.  With these designs, I found a way to combine my passion for making jewelry and my desire to help women express their hearts toward G-d in a beautiful and fashionable way.  

I am happy to commit 5% of all retail sales from my Hebraic Connection line to “Torah Or/Kibbutz Merchavia, Israel”, which offers refuge to families in need from war-torn areas of Israel, supports the elderly and Holocaust survivors, IDF, terror victims, and is engaged in a special project in the desert.  For more information go to



Tzitzit Bling aka Santification Jewelry
These anklets and bracelets can be worn with street/work clothes or enhance any Sabbath attire. (
Although there are various designs to choose from, respect for the traditional keeps the color palette in the blue & white ranges) (elasticized Tzitzit standard for ease of use)   Prices start at $46 each
(pictured with Tzitzit attached)


Shemot - Names
Shin ~ El Shaddai ~ Name for G-d
Chai ~ Chet- yod ~ Life
Aleph Tav ~ et ~ Beginning & End
Magein David ~ Shield of David
Shabbat ~ Sabbath candles & wine goblet
Menorah ~ Light

Ankle Tambourines
were in part created for the Hallel Davidic Dancers. Adding a little jingle to your dance step, these tambourines allow your hands to remain free and provide an answer for those among us that are instrumentally challenged.
J  Prices start at $10 each - quantity discounts available


Jeweled Tefillin  are worn embracing G-d's words in Deut 6:8 of binding them on your hand and forehead. The pattern shown on this design is "Vayikra" which means "He called" or "Called one". These are designed to fit wrist or bicep - based on preference, and elasticized for comfort. Colors used are "Temple" colors, including Purple, Blue, Red, Gold, Silver & White. Prices start at $52.00
Please place orders through our Contact page - we accept personal checks and Paypal - Thank You!
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